Lets go to the end of the world. Three weeks in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa!

Pack your bags – In January we’re headed to the end of the world and checking out the outstanding co-work scene of Cape Town. This marvel of a city lies at the foot of the African continent, and we’re super excited to explore the city and its amazing surrounding areas. A bonus for all you Europeans: There are no timezone issues. No jet lag. Just pure bliss.

Who’s going?

We’re a group of digital workers looking to spend a few hour each morning getting some work done then spending the afternoon surfing, kiting, swimming, or checking out the nightly spectacles. Not to mention, hikes to f.ex Table Mountain, Wine Tasting and a Wildlife safari to Johannesburg. You can participate on your own terms, choose to work whenever suits you and join group activities whenever you feel like it.

15th – 31st of January 2018

250 USD

What’s included
The price only covers a participation free. LetsGoExplore is changing its business model and is now a community not-for-profit rather than a lifestyle business. Not only will this make it more accessible, but help us attract the right kind of community-oriented people. After all, that is what’s interesting with this network. You will, therefore, need to book everything on your own, including flights and accommodation, however, we will assist in this process and onboard you as best we can.

I'm in, let's chat and take it from there


  • Dates: 15th-31st of January 2018
  • Where: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Nearest Airport: CPT
  • Recommended travelbooking sites: Momondo.com, Skyscanner.com