Here are some frequently asked questions


Actually research suggest that we do more work, and produce better results when we do work retreats. The equivalent is home office – sure, there are a lot of things that might distract us at home but once we get into mode, most of us pump out more work sitting 2 hours at home, than 1 full day at work.

We do chats and interviews with everyone who’s interested in joining our trips. That way we make sure there’s a good foundation for optimal team dynamics.

It depends on the groups needs. Our experience suggest it’s better to co-create the content with our participants, thus the workshop contents will be revealed after everybody is properly onboarded. That being said, here’s what you can expect:
– A weekly workshop hosted by highly qualified individuals, all of which are SME’s in their own respective areas
– Workshops will cover a wide area relavant to digital business professionals, i.g marketing, growth, strategy, innovation, etc.

Totally up to you. Maybe you want to socialize. Maybe you want to be alone. Maybe you want to go on a hike together with your new friends, or maybe get lost in the streets discovering a new area. We do our best to facilitate excursions and you can choose freely if you’d like to participate or not.

Yes! In fact, we hope as many as possible will want to share some of their experience and knowledge with the rest of the group. Be sure to let us know you’re keen to tun a workshop as part of the chat interview. You rock!

Yes! The whole idea of a workcation is that we all bring our own work. We don’t provide work or hire people who join our retreats.

If you get sick you will need to seek medical attention in the host country. We recommend checking with your healthcare provider does indeed cover you outside your own country, or purchasing necessary travel insurance that will.

We do not provide visas, you need to get that from the host government. However, unless you will be serving clients and extracting value from business originating from our host country, a normal tourist visa will suffice.

Each person is responsible for making sure they have the proper visa for each destination, however we will assist you with the process.

That depends on where you are traveling to. For now, we encourge you to consult your doctor or vaccination office and get all needed vaccinations prior to departure.