20 days in stunning places. Surrounded by amazing people. Connecting with exceptional mentors.

Can we get an Amen?

Let's face it  - life is more fun when you break out from routine. You'd like to travel more, but you can't take on a full vacation. 
Fortunately, the digital economy is ushering us into an era where people can work and live anywhere! This is where we come in. 4 times a year we travel to exceptional places where we learn, grow, and discover - together.

Vacations are limited - workcations are endless.

Here's to adventure! 



How does it work?



1. Find your favorite destination

Currently there are three trips set up for 2017, each offering their own unique experience. Before choosing destination it might be worth considering what you hope to take away from your stay, and go from there.

2. Let's chat

Forget boring applications. Let's chat instead, get to know each other and talk about expectations. That way, you'll know for sure wether or not this is right for you. PS: If you don't get a hold of us right away (we might be in another timezone) we'll ping you back, and schedule an appointment ASAP.

3. Book your seat

After our chat, we might agree to do a Skype session, then later send you a link where you provide us with some more details. After you've booked a seat for an upcoming trip, we'll start connecting you with the other participants so you can all get to know each other long before you meet in person.






What's included?


Pretty much what you normally expect from a workcation / remote working retreat. 
We'll handle all the logistics when it comes to accomodation and workspace, we'll organize the program and connect you with the appropriate mentors.

All you have to do is show up and be awesome. 


Here's a list of some of the highlights

Unique travel destinations

We're here to provide unique experiences and to do that we source local knowledge and collaborate with local organizers who truly knows the gems of the area

A comfortable stay

Although we seek unique destinations, we're not compromising with a comfortable stay. Everyone gets their own room, and a good bed to rest the head. We also provide you with a workplace in a co-working environment.


Wifi is something we take very seriously, and we will make sure there is wifi available both where you live and work. In addition we will provide local SIM cards you can use to roam using the local service provider.

Mentors & Community

We are fortunate to be connected to some amazing mentors who all have their unique background, skillsets and vast networks. By joining our retreats, our mentors become your mentors. You also gain access to a truly unique community of global entrepreneurs that will exist even after you leave.


During your stay there will be a minimum of 5 workshops relevant for people working in the digital economy - and for people looking for personal growth.


Truly there is no way you can travel 20 days, soaked in exotic culture, colliding with upbeat, positive, world traveling entrepreneurs, exploring a stunningly beautiful area - without it making your brainwaves smile.




By joining our retreats you'll have the opportunity to connect to amazing mentors that has a wealth of knowledge, and who can perhaps help reach your goals and aspirations by introducing you to their network. Here's our awesome coaches: 


Who is this for?


We come from different places - some have regular jobs, and some work remotely - some are parts of a companies' team, but most join as individuals. What connects us is that we work digitally, we love sharing travel experiences with other brilliant people, and we love to grow personally as much as professionally. Every group is unique, but typically most of us are curious, eager, upbeat, adventurous and open. Sharing is a big part of a community like this - either our experience, knowledge, thoughts, and beliefs - we give, without necessarily the expectations of getting anything back.